Welcome to Etwall Weather Station It's currently , the temperature is 6.1 °C and the wind speed is averaging 0.2 mph.

Forecast & Current Conditions
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12hr Forecast


Temperature and Humidity
Status: Rising

The outdoor temperature is currently 6.1°C, this has been Rising over the past three hours. The humidity level is at 95% and current dew point is 5.4°C.

Status: Calm

Over the past 10 minutes the average wind speed has been 0.2mph and the most recent speed was 0.0mph. The highest wind gust recorded in the last 10 minutes was 2.0mph.

The current wind speed is ranked at Force F0 on the Beaufort scale which translates to "Calm".


The current rainfall rate is 0.0mm per hour and in the past hour there has been 0.0mm of rain. So far today we have had a total rainfall of 0.0mm.


The current UV Index is 0

Status: Steady

The current sea level pressure is 1027.5mb and this has been Steady over the past three hours.

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